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January 06, 2005

Ignorance is Bliss (or What the Hell is all that?)

Besides all the nice trinkets and clothing that I usually get at Christmas, my husband, the "D-man", purchased for me a new vacuum cleaner. I love getting new appliances for gifts. Call me crazy, but I do. Last year I got a beautiful new dishwasher with an all stainless interior and touch-pad controls which include an option that allows me to delay washing by 2, 4 or 6 hours! How can you not love that?? Although, I'm still trying to determine why I would put off starting the wash cycle 6 hours after loading.

Regardless, this year's appliance, my new Kenmore vacuum is really pretty and much quieter than my 5-year old vacuum that was having some issues. This Kenmore is a lovely blue, has neat-o attachments, including an apholstry brush, and HEPA filter. Yes, this bad-boy is bagless. However, after yesterday's vacuuming, I've decided that perhaps it was better when I used the bag vacuum. I vacuumed an area of carpet in our family room yesterday that measures approximately 15 square feet. The contents of the canister afterward scared the Hell out of me. I was stunned by the amount of crud that had been collected. More-so because I vacuumed this same area just two days prior. In addition, the inventors of the bagless vacuum decided that it would be cool for you to see all your pet hair, dander, dead skin and what-not whirling around in the canister as you vacuum. Were they afraid that I would not think the vacuum was functioning? The fact that I have to manually empty the crud from the canister and clean the filter (which collects a lot of ick in a short period of time) troubles me. I don't consider us to be very dirty people, but we do have two short-hair pointers, one toy fox terrior and two indoor siamese cats. I'm shocked to see what is sloughing off of us in such a short period of time. I wonder if Sears will take this bag-less wonder back and let me downgrade to the bag model?

In other news, I spent yesterday home in bed and today I have a cough. I am feeling a lot better, but feel that a prescription for some cough syrup with codeine would greatly improve my life. Norah's cough is also quite troubling, despite our doctor's insistance that it was not bronchitis. What does he know? Codeine all around, I say!


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